About Us

We are lucky to live in a world, where we can get occupied with various activities and hobbies, but we hardly have the time. Work doesn’t end when we live the office and there is always something else that pops up and spoils our days. That’s why Garage Door Repair Delta can be at your service twenty four hours a day, seven days a week offering you excellent garage door repair services, replacements and installations. We take over tasks that you wouldn’t have the time to do or tasks that shouldn’t do due to their high risk of danger.

It is well known that the development of British Columbia is partially due to its location at the front of the Pacific Ocean, which is the gate to an open communication to the Asian markets and culture. This is one of the main reasons that Delta is growing so fast and this reflects to the median income of the residents that is above the average if compared with other places of Canada.

At the same time, one can never be too careful with security matters at home or work. When you enter your garage make sure your garage door works properly, and contact our technicians in case you hear strange noises or you suspect there is a broken spring. You never know what the problem might be. Our technicians have the experience to locate the problem after a thorough garage door inspection and fix it instantly. You may not be able to notice the warnings, but they can detect them immediately.

You don’t need to delay calling us; you need to prevent your garage door problems by asking us to conduct a preventive garage door maintenance service. Garage Door Repair Delta will repair the damaged parts and replace the broken ones while you can enjoy your limited free time in the sun.